I am an illustrator, character designer and costume designer based in the Bay Area. I assisted Emily Carr University of Art and Design. I have a great interest and passion for art history and culture, which is reflected in my work.

I decided to become an artist as an attempt to share my ideas, thoughts and passions. Today I am confident to say that I have been able to create my own visual language which I use to create meaning. Throughout the development of my portfolio, my passions and inspirations have always found a way to express themselves from details in the clothes that allude to the roaring twenties to the simplified facial shapes of Mary Blair. My portfolio showcases mainly traditional mediums since I have long love relationship with the craftsmanship of the use of traditional art materials. I am fascinated by the intimacy of the brush and unforgiving mark of the paint that forces my creativity to be intentional in every line and shape. I also enjoy the versatility of working digitally. My artwork is meant to bring visual pleasure and sense of narrative that  lingers in the colors, characters and style of each piece.